Golden Dog Rejoices, Tears Non-Stop When Meeting Owner Again After 5 Years Away

The man shared that about 5 years ago, when he just graduated from school, he was fortunate to be accepted to work in a foreign company with an ideal salary. At that time, the man rented a house by himself and adopted a golden dog.

When he first moved to his new home, the Golden Dog was only a few months old, but he was very smart, the owner only needed to teach a few times that he could learn immediately. This makes the man very fond of this little dog. However, what makes him love this dog even more is because the dog is very affectionate and it seems to understand what he is saying.

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Every night when he comes home from work, as soon as he opens the door to the house, he is always warmly welcomed by the little dog. When he is angry, the Golden dog becomes a “friend” for him to confide in and becomes a small spiritual support for him. I don’t know if the dog understood what he said, but every time he patiently sat down to listen to his feelings.

Just think that life will be like this forever, but “happy days are short and not bad”. After 3 years of peace, “storms” hit. The company he is working for is very cold, and his loved one is in need of a large sum of money. The love story was also not favorable because the money he saved was used up to treat his loved ones. Therefore, the plan to marry the girl he loved for many years was also ruined, both of them after a quick message.

The wind and waves suddenly came, causing the man to fall into depression. The shock of the love story made him unable to get up and no longer had the mind to go earn money. Unemployment made him unable to afford to rent a whole house by himself and live in the expensive city as before.

In the end, he had no choice but to decide to move to another city and share a room with a friend. However, due to the sharing, he is no longer qualified to take care of the Golden dog as before. Although he didn’t want to, he ended up giving the dog to a friend.

Because he could not afford to take care of him, the man had to give the Golden dog so that he could have a better life. Photo: Sohu

After 5 years of hard work, his life is finally stable again. This year, on the occasion of Tet holiday, he decided to visit his friend and also to see the situation of the old Golden dog.

The dog’s reaction makes the owner dumbfounded

When the Golden Dog saw the man, he did not bark like usual, instead he slowly approached the old owner. It seems that the dog realized that the old owner had raised him, so he quickly wrapped his arms around his legs, then rejoiced and cried non-stop.

Golden dog recognized the old owner and couldn’t stop crying. Photo: Sohu.

The reaction of the Golden dog touched everyone present, but the man was silent in regret because of regret. He felt guilty because he didn’t take good care of the dog in the past and left him.

The friend shared with him that the Golden dog used to stop eating for many days when he first moved to a new house. At that time, his friend tried to contact him but could not. Fortunately, about 3 months later, the Golden dog started to get used to and eat again.

With every dog, the owner is always their whole world. No matter how much it changes to a new owner and how much better life is, the dog will always remember the owners who used to give them so much love no matter how long they are apart.

Therefore, think carefully before giving your dog away or selling it to someone else, because they will really be very sad and miss you so much.

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